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[Snapshots from Oak Ridge] The Still Point

We live in a heavily wooded neighborhood with an unfortunate preponderance of oak trees. Oaks are one of the last trees to lose their leaves, which generally turn brown rather than the spectacular golds and reds of other species. This means that we often end up with piles of brown leaves buried under the winter’s [Read More...]

Patheos (& Other) Peeps: The Festival of Faith and Writing

Every Friday, I post a link to a blog post, sometimes written by one of my fellow bloggers at Patheos, a web portal devoted to religion and spirituality, and sometimes by another blogger whose work I admire. I encourage my blog readers to click through...

A Haiku About Gallbladder Surgery (Yes, Really)

Rather frequently, someone asks me if I ever expect to write fiction. My answer: To me, fiction writing is a sort of magic. It is miraculous, this process of creating fully formed human characters from one’s imagination and writing multi-layered,...

A Few of Many Good Words Spoken

I returned yesterday from the biannual Festival of Faith and Writing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was everything I expected it to be, and nothing like what I expected it to be. I did much less “schmoozing” and making connections (with book...

Writing 101 (for the Kindergarten Set)

It’s been a busy week of speaking engagements for me—one radio interview, one TV interview, and three talks, at the Yale Medical Library, my church women’s group, and my son’s kindergarten. My kids have the privilege of attending a ...

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